A Paragraph from an Upcoming Novel

Woke up late today at 5:35am. Working on modifying Nook and Kindle interiors, adding Twitter and Facebook links to connect with readers. Wrote one paragraph a few months ago. Can’t wait to expand on he story. Here’s the first bit of writing on a novel I call The Masonic Civil War Conspiracy:

“The crumbling stairs descended down. Boards rotting into splinters and fungi. The only light was from the lid-like doorway above.

I entered.

The hovel consisted of cast-off shelves sagging under a storm of books. A fistful of scrolls stuck here and there. A typists desk sat in the theatrical center. Perched atop, a gas lamp smelled of oil. I struck a match. The flame swelled from my fingertips as my other hand adjusted the knob to encourage the glow.

As the darkness parted, I looked about. My mind raced. Where to start? Somewhere n this crumbling deposit of literary debris was the treasure I sought. I picked a corner, pulled the first book from an inglorious height, and began.”


About ericgmeeks

Eric G. Meeks is a long-time Palm Springs resident who sells real estate with his wife Tracey Wrubleski Meeks. He loves the Police & Sting, Sci-Fi movies, Tracey and their 7 kids, although not necessarily in that order. For fun he collects Science Fiction, buys sells rare books, reads extensively of Sci-Fi, Mystery, Horror and non-fiction Civil War and Pirate histories and sometimes writes historical fiction books. Currently he's published several books and you can find these on Amazon. This blog will be a culmination of these aspects with a definite emphasis on Real Estate, the Palm Springs area and the good values to be had there in homes, life and happenings.
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