A new video of a great rental condo in Sunrise Country Club

Shot a video today of a rental condo for a client and thought I would share it with all my followers. It’s a 2 bedroom place in Sunrise Country Club and it has great views of the golf course and mountains. What I find most interesting in this is why I shot it. The client and I had barely met last year through the website http://www.traceywrubleskimeeks.ca. He was seeking a good deal on a place in the Palm Springs area and instead of going with my recommendation ended up in a discounted condo on the north end (windy) of Palm Springs. Before he left I reconnected with him and asked about his stay. he answered predictable with a “Allright” sort of response but wanted to revisit some of the better neighborhoods I had tried to show him before his arrival. So, instead of just a condo in a complex that didn’t even include tennis courts, had uncovered street level parking he’s going to be staying here next year.


Tell me what you think…


About ericgmeeks

Eric G. Meeks is a long-time Palm Springs resident who sells real estate with his wife Tracey Wrubleski Meeks. He loves the Police & Sting, Sci-Fi movies, Tracey and their 7 kids, although not necessarily in that order. For fun he collects Science Fiction, buys sells rare books, reads extensively of Sci-Fi, Mystery, Horror and non-fiction Civil War and Pirate histories and sometimes writes historical fiction books. Currently he's published several books and you can find these on Amazon. This blog will be a culmination of these aspects with a definite emphasis on Real Estate, the Palm Springs area and the good values to be had there in homes, life and happenings.
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